Thursday, July 28, 2011

WMD | aaron nix

WMD is the opening film at the Florida State University Film School Gala on August 6, 2011. Aaron Nix has worked tirelessly on WMD like his fellow film school cohorts have on their thesis films. I consider Emily, Aaron's wife, a dear friend, so I have seen the entire process of making a film unravel through her experiences as a film school wife. Both Aaron + Emily [here + here] have made tremendous sacrifices in their first year of marriage.

Since I'm photographing the Film School Gala Saturday, I will get to see WMD on the big screen at Ruby Diamond. I'm so happy for the next steps in their lives since Aaron graduates with his MFA in Film Production on Saturday, August 6.

See a more detailed view of the filming of WMD here.

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