Thursday, November 24, 2011

my thanks

Lauren is based out of Alexandria, VA. So how did we get connected? I began this process needing a new logo. I love the work of Suann Song, curator of the Simplesong Blog, so I reached out to Suann to see if she offered any graphic services. She said that her focus remained with letterpress, but her studio assistant, Lauren ONeill, was an amazing graphic designer. I immediately reached out to Lauren and began the process of creating a new logo for Sugar Photography.

As we delved into logo design, I continued to develop the brand. Then as I became more familiar with my style, I decided it was necessary to embark on a full branding overhaul. Thats when we began the process of designing the website, blog and packaging.  

Lauren has a very clean, fresh and simple design style that I love. Less is more. Lauren was very patient with me, as I worked through my own style and together we landed on the sweetest finished product.

Laurens patience and eye for clean design is what you need for a one of a kind look.  

I began working with Tiffany about half way through the design process. Through a mutual Twitter and blog friend, Alli Michelle of Hooray Designs, I began to follow Tiffany, and saw that she had a very clear and simple approach to marketing. Tiffany is focused on the customer and providing a product the consumer needs. She encouraged me to figure out my client base by imagining my perfect client and then asked me to simply tell my clients what I want them to know before they even ask--give them ideas. This advice was clear and simple, and it provided the clarity I needed to propel the brand forward.

So who is my ideal client? Its the person who says, Every Saturday we wake up, get dressed, take our family to the bagel shop, head to the park, then come back home for an afternoon nap. Will you capture that?" Every family celebrates its own everyday, sweet, special traditions. Thats what I want to capture. Natural. Beautiful. Simple.

I continue to work with Tiffany, and you should too. 

Emily, Amanda and Susan helped me work through almost every idea and design phase of Sugar Photography. Emily wrote my bio. Thank you! These ladies have been a huge support through this entire process.

Ashley and I have been working through our respective career paths together for the last three years. Lots of brainstorming together led me to photography and Ashley toward interior design. Ashley did the photo shoot of Luke, Emory + me.

Where did I get everything? 

1. Lauren O’Neill Design | web design, blog design, logo design, packaging

2. Tiffany Silverberg | branding, marketing

4. The Sticker Shoppe | large pink sugar logo stickers

5. Uprinting | "be sweet to sugar" infographic, business cards

6. ReBinder | DVD cases

7. Uline | mailing envelopes

8. Pretty Tape | japanese gold stripe washi tape

9. Paper Source | embossing materials + lesson

10. Sweet Kaity | pink stripe bags

11. B+H Photo | photography equipment

13. WHCC | photo printing

I cannot thank YOU ALL enough for helping me through this entire process, and this is just the beginning! Thank you + Happy Thanksgiving! 


Lauren O'Neill said...

Oh my goodness! Jen, everything turned out so well! Love seeing everything come together + the join effort from friends :) Cannot wait to see where this takes you! xo

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing the details of such an arduous/fun process! Everything looks so beautiful!