Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is the Sweet Experience?

When you work with Sugar Photography, we capture your sweetest times- the memories you want to keep and the moments you want your kids to remember. Natural. Beautiful. Simple. I photograph your connection with whom or what you love - your spouse, your kids, your hobby or your craft. The way you love is perfect. It really is.

From my days before photography, I have vivid memories of photo shoots with my family and kids. I felt awkward - even among those I loved. I thought Am I doing this right? Does the photographer think our family is not normal? Is this us?
Then I took up the business and realized an important truth. Like each person, each family has a one-of-a-kind personality. Some are very affectionate and some show love through glances. Some love to laugh and some like to talk. Some cuddle, some wrestle, some run. Every one loves differently, but the way you love is perfect. I never want you to think "I'm not doing this right!" I just want you to be you.

Its not just about a perfect picture. It's about perfect love. Your love. I want the photo to tell your story - happy, sad, mad, glad.

You tell your story best in a place, in an activity, that is natural for you. Whether it's a quiet day at home or a ritualized outing, the things that make you most comfortable will make the best photos.

When you look back on your photographic investment, you don't want to remember that awkward day in an unfamiliar field - you want to remember that first haircut, that tradition at the ice cream shop or that favorite holiday ritual. You want to remember your love - as it is. Natural. Nostalgic. Perfect.

That's the Sugar Experience.

Here are some ideas of sweet memories...

What's your idea? How do you love? Capture a snapshot of your own nostalgia.


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