Friday, May 18, 2012

Clean + Rested | Teach No. 2

Dress everyone in clean, stain-free clothes. Think simple too. Steer clear of logos. Instead, focus on coordinating color and pattern. Don’t confuse coordinating with matching though. Consider outfits consisting of two to three colors or select a monochromatic palette with multiple shades of one color. Let each family member’s personality shine through. When possible, pull out your camera when your kids are well rested such as early morning or after naptime. 

Now, that's all easier said than done right? I completely understand the challenges that present themselves. So how do you make all of the above really happen? I find that when I'm photographing my Luke + Emory it works really well to capture them in the late afternoon before Ryan gets home because they are a bit more calm from a busy day but not yet exhausted and ready for bed. The afternoon sun is really pretty in our living room, but I love photos on our bed too. I'm a total sucker for all white bedding, and our bedroom is a great spot to snap some shots of when the kids are clean.  

Overall, make sure you have nice natural light. Turn off your ambient light in your room and let the light shine in your windows. Clear the clutter even if you have to shove it in a corner. Then snap away and work your magic.  

Do you have any tips, tricks or favorite spots to photograph your family?

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