Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little Household | Capture No. 1

live life to the fullest

I'm sure you've never heard the sayings, "live life to the fullest" and "life is too short." These sayings are similar to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. They're easier said than done. I go through my day frazzled and frantic trying to do what feels like everything when all that really matters is loving my family. I continuously encounter strangers that say things like "these are the best moments of your life," yet to me it feels like pure chaos. I decided it's time for a change. I'm challenging myself live and document these mottos in my daily life. I'll share them here, and I hope you'll recognize the beauty of the everyday in your life too.

girl being silly in her pajamas doing air punching
happy girl punching the air
joyful girl sitting on her girl bed
content girl jumping and laying on her bed in her room
girl jumps on bed with her stuffed animal
girl plays with her puppy on her bed everyday
pretty girl sitting on her bed looking at camera
emory playing on her bed being photographed with her purple pillow
girl being photographed in a natural lifestyle moment

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Erin @ Suburban Bitches said...

Something that I need to be much better at too. I think I'm constantly trying to get my house in better order to minimize what I see as chaos all around me. But in the end, a clean and pretty house means nothing if you didn't take in a lot of laughs along the way. P.S.- what is the fabric on that dotted pillow in your daughter's room? I'm sort of obsessed with spotty fabrics :)

jennifer little said...

Erin! Hey! Absolutely. Here is the fabric…, and here are a few more…,,!

Unknown said...

there's the chaos. and then there's that baby belly. i mean really. nothing better.

jennifer little said...

Kara, you're so right. so right.

Erin @ Suburban Bitches said...

Jennifer, certainly great minds think alike as I've got that fabric pinned all over my boards. And I have 6 yards of it in the hot pink color that I need to do something with!

Jade O'Connor said...

I love this. Emory is beautiful. Her light shines through her tiny body strong. I love your idea of capturing the chaos. enjoying the moment, embracing it all. xoxo

jennifer little said...

Erin, no way! That's wild. How are you going to use it? Tutorial, please!

jennifer little said...

Jade, xoxo, love you!