Monday, February 03, 2014

Little Household | Captured No. 2

live like a kid text

Every day I should live life like a kid, playing, imagining and doing. I always find myself saying, give me one second, and I'll be right there. In reality, if I would play, I'd have more energy and creativity. Ryan and I are always trying to teach Luke and Emory x, y and z, but it's time for us to remember what it means to be kids, light hearted and fancy free. 

fort collins colorado snowy sledding hill
kids and adults sledding in fort collins, colorado
girl on a snow mountain in a pink jacket in colorado
guy taking a break from sledding to pour himself some hot cocoa
brother and sister posing for a photograph in the snow
dad and daughter sledding down a hill
father smiling at the camera on a snowy day
boy smiling while holding his sled upright in the snow
girl pulling orange sled up a big snowy hill
girl walking up the snowy hill
boy sledding down hill in green disc

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