Thursday, February 06, 2014

Self Portrait Project | No. 1

I can't fully understand what it feels like to be you in front of the camera unless I do the same. With the Self Portrait Project, I'm forcing myself to get in front of the camera and do the things I tell you. Oh, and it looks like there will be occasional visitors popping in too.


Jade O'Connor said...

I love these of you. Esp the ones with your head down and off to the side. So real and beautiful and raw. Yet stunning.

Abbie said...

You two are the cutest things ever. Glad you're doing this. I am SO uncomfortable in front of the camera. Awkward!

Erin @ Suburban Bitches said...

This is great! I was taking some selfies yesterday for a future post and yes, it was so weird! Do I smile, not smile? Want to look natural but not serial killer. Keep em coming!