Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's r e c a p

This year, Valentine's Day, was celebrated in small ways the whole week. Jade O'Connor and I joined forces and planned it together. The week began with Cupid sending daily text messages and special deliveries. It ended with a special Friday night date. Invites were sent for the following

5:15 | Cocktail hour // don't be late < Martha Stewart's Rose Noir >
6:30 | Dinner // prime rib, asparagus, sweet potato,
7:00 | Desert // chocolate cake + tiramisu

put the kids to bed

8:00 | After party // a special play list < see below >
9:00 | Movie night // Casablanca

special planning with Jade O'Connor Designs, Inc.


Kari Joy Hodgen said...

Adorable! What a sweet, perfect Valentine's Eve! Your kids will be putting that memory in their "favorites" folder. :)

Erin @ Suburban Bitches said...

Such a great idea! And I'm feeling like a real slouch for doing nothing on Valentine's Day! BTW- Skinny Love is one of my all time favorite songs, along with Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley!!!

Johi said...

I love this!