Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Warren Family

Denver, Colorado
beth, brandon + everett

How has being parents changed your morning routine?  
The routine has changed substantially.  Brandon normally gets up and gets ready for work while I nurse Everett.  By the time Brandon is heading out the door, I'm putting Everett back down to get a little more sleep before we're up for the day.  Once he's up, it's a mad dash to get some coffee so I can be ready for play time.  Oh, and I rarely shower before 8pm, so that's a pretty substantial change from my pre-baby morning routine.
What has been the biggest challenge?  
I think the biggest challenge of parenting has been learning to read Everett.  I'm the type of person who wants to have research and reasons for everything I do, but I've had to step back and really try to focus on what Everett is trying to tell me.  Granted, it can be hard to understand cries and fussiness, but I think I've learned to speak baby a little better over the last 3 months.
Has there been anything that you said you would never do as parents that you have already broken?  
I know I had said I wanted him to be napping in his crib by 3 months old, and I've abandoned that quest.  Part of learning Everett has been learning that he not only doesn't like to nap, but he really doesn't like to nap in his crib.  I've come to terms with it for now, and am enjoying babywearing.  He naps better when he's close to me, and I get to spend that special time with my baby.
What has been the best moment since Everett was born?  
For me, the best moment was the first time Everett truly smiled at me.  It first happened when he was nursing, which made it even more special because it was such a close moment.  For Brandon, it was the first time he rolled over because it was so unexpected.
What advice would you give soon to be parents?  
The best advice I could give is the advice I have the most trouble following, and that is to trust yourself and your instincts.  It's hard not to feel like you're doing something wrong when your baby cries, or is fussy, but you know your baby better than anyone, and you are uniquely qualified to take care of your baby's needs. 

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