Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Emory's Room

From the beginning of Emory's room design, I have blended vintage with new. Some of the pieces were mine, some were my mom's and some I've collected. It's always changing, and it's always challenging to keep it clean. Emory changes clothes way too often, and she hasn't grasped the idea of putting them back where they belong. I think it would be more helpful if her closet had a low bar, toddler height. I regularly purge items to keep everything manageable and organzied and luckily our neighbor's daughter, Ellie, gets her clothes that are too small. I find it interesting though that there are really only a few toys that she even plays with. I just organized everything into categories to see if that would help, but so far it looks like she just has too much stuff. 

The quest to simplify continues.


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Kari Joy Hodgen said...

Oh, I love these little snippets of life you keep sharing. Just lovely.

Danny T said...

Great bedroom!